How to Use Freddie's Products

Some common questions we hear at Freddie's include:

-Which product is right for me?

-How do I use the product?

-How much is right for me?

We have developed a series of questions to help you determine the answers to these common questions. 

1. Why are you considering using Freddie's products? (Pain, Sleep-Aid, Anxiety, Stress, etc.)

Freddie's products help with a range of ailments and one of the first steps is determining which ailment you are wanting to address.

For example, if you are taking Freddie's products for pain, then you may let the pain dictate how often you may use a product. Our products might be effective for a few hours or a few days at a time depending on the ailment. 

-For topical pain relief, apply our topical products to the affected area as needed. You can expect a decrease in pain soon after applying the product, and depending on the underlying cause of the pain, it may return after a number of hours or days and a reapplication is needed at that time. 

-If you prefer to take an ingestible form of Freddie's for pain relief, a similar methodology can be applied as if you were taking over the counter NSAID's. Soon after taking your dose, you will feel the pain subside, and you can take additional doses as needed. The good news is the products are non-toxic with no possibility of toxic overdose as is sometimes a concern with over the counter pain medications. 

2. How do I use the product?

-If a topical product, massage a small amount of product into the affected area (knees, shoulder, hip, hands, etc.). 

-If a tincture product, we recommend taking sublingual (under the tongue) for most effective and fastest acting absorption. 

3. How much is right for me?

-For topicals, a little goes a long way. Initially, massage in a small amount of product into the affected area. Use more if needed. 

-For tinctures, depending on the ailment you are wanting to alleviate (pain, sleep-aid, anxiety, etc.), this will determine your dosing. Most folks start with a low to mid range dose, which for most folks is approx. (15mg-33mg CBD) and they will work their way up from there to dial in an effective dose. For minor pain, a lower dose range should do the trick (15mg-33mg CBD per dose) whereas an effective dose for sleep for some might be a 50+mg dose. 

Please reach out with any other questions you may have. Email us at, chat through the website, give us a call at ###-###-####, or message us through Facebook or Instagram.