Our Process

How we grow & bottle all our CBD products

It All Starts at the Farm

All Freddie's products start on the farm in Tennessee.

Sustainably Grown

Our partner farms use organic methods and sustainable practices to grow all our industrial-grade hemp. That means no chemical herbicides or pesticides, just thoughtful and responsible agriculture. The result is a better hemp extract that harnesses the full power of the hemp plant.

Whole-Flower Extraction

For our full spectrum products, we practice whole-flower extraction, meaning we’re capturing all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes the plant has to offer. This full spectrum of hemp compounds aids the CBD, and it all works together to make a more effective product.

Hand-Selected Strains

We pride ourselves on controlling every step of the process, including choosing to grow certain strains of hemp that are more effective for oils, topicals, or edibles. We test every crop via a third-party lab to identify the hemp compounds that make it into every Freddie's product, and we're always refining our process.

The Highest Quality Extraction & Testing

We're committed to using the highest quality methods and testing every batch.


Third-Party Tested

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